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We are a team of researchers, combining Mathematics with Economics and Information-Technology. We have been in the market for several years, we have gathered our experiences together and today we turn them into knowledge.

The first fruit of this knowledge is the creation of an smart application with business tools accompanied by an e-book. From the evaluation of a loan, to the evaluation of your business "Dead Point" and the processing and calculation of business indicators and all the elements required by a business plan or a viability study ... Explore, ask questions, look for answers. .. and Good Luck with your business !!!

A second fruit of this knowledge is the analysis, design and implementation of an intelligent Production and Industrial Costing MRP II) application. Through simple procedures and friendly screens, one can submit all the details of the standard production recipes, so that we have the budget cost of a PROJECT (Product or Ready), before the start of the production process. By then registering the Production Bulletins, we have an accurate picture at any time for the consumption of raw materials, labor costs and production time of the mechanical equipment that participated in the production process which means automatic calculations and the corresponding cost ...

If you have questions or want more info about us or our products, we will be very happy to help you via our Contact Form or by emailing us at info@web-bis.com


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